Your allies on your business journey.

Growing and running your business feels a whole lot easier when you have a trusted partner by your side.

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our business model is simple

We care about you and what your business needs to thrive
and we'll make that happen.

our services

Bookkeeping & Finances

Move from stress and disorganized books or time-consuming busy work to systems that make your money work for you. 

Websites & Graphic Design

Create a unique and authentic site that draws the clients you want. As well as business cards, guides, flyers and more. 

Project & Training Strategy

Taking on a new venture? Creating a new course? You don’t need to do it alone, as  we’ll help you go from vision to execution.

Our commitment

Jay & Oak recognizes that businesses owned and run by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, LGBTQ+ folx, and womxn face additional challenges due to systemic oppression. For this reason, Jay & Oak is willing to negotiate discounted services for businesses run by a majority of people who carry one of these identities. We strive to support organizations and businesses that acknowledge and seek to minimize and repair historic and current harms through their services or other efforts.

Our clients

Who we love to work with

health & wellness practitioners


creatives & creative organizations


social entrepreneurs​

Local Food and Sustainable Ag

what clients say about us

"Working with Jonathan has been the key for me to move quickly through overwhelm into creativity with my course. He is highly skilled in taking the complicated and simplifying it, creating arcs for learning, and being emotionally present and supportive throughout. I highly recommend him if you want to actually complete your course."
Simeon D.
Joyful Living
“Working with Ilana was such a joy. She was totally available for questions and feedback. She is extremely adept at forwarding her incredible creativity while maintaining a keen ability for collaboration. I felt so overjoyed with the final product - it was way more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Ilana!”
Danielle F.
"It has been a pleasure to work with Jonathan...His is an astute eye that is always identifying ways to enhance projects and structures and improve the work environment."

Annie S.
Environmental Nonprofit Communications Director

We're Ilana and Jon

partners in doing good by
helping people express their
true vision for who they want to be.

Our talents and approach play off each other, but both of us are rooted in care for others and the world. Ilana’s creativity and presence is matched by Jonathan’s systems thinking and possibility.

We were an unlikely pair who met on a farm in Connecticut and soon married our values of health, the land, and community…


At Jay & Oak, we don’t just provide quality solutions, we focus on unlocking your potential to benefit you, your clients, and your bottom line.

What do you need to take your business to the next level?

We want to get you there.

trusted allies on your business journey.

• bookkeeping & finance • website / design / illustration • project & training strategy • 

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